RedHawk Training

Below is the detailed schedule for initial 4 week of training

Day 1:

  • Overview of Redhawk.
  • Labs: Understanding of Input files of Redhawk, Setting up of Redhawk Env.

Day 2:

  • Basics of Power, EM, IR.
  • Data Preparation of Redhawk- Generation of Collaterals from ICC
  • Understanding Volcano Design.
  • IP Modelling Techniques.


  • Analyzing of APL using utilities Aqua and ACE.
  • Sanity Checks of all Inputs Colleterals.

Day 3:

  • Grid Weakness Checks, Resistance Extraction.


  • Performing PG Resistance Analysis – effective resistance of Instances, Pin Path Resistance Checks
  • Missing Vias Checks,
  • Analyzing Shorts,
  • Disconnected Instances,
  • Connectivity Checks.

Day 4 & 5:

  • Average Power Calculation,
  • Static Analysis Theory,
  • Redhawk Static IR/EM Flow



  • Setting Up of GSR for Static Run.
  • Creation of Command run file.
  • Power Calculation in Static Analysis using Toggle rate.
  • Power Calculation in Static Analysis using BPFS.
  • Doing experiments with BPFS.
  • Exploration of Redhawk TCL Commands for advanced Debugging of IR Drop.
  • Creation of Custom lib’s for Missing PG Arcs.
  • Exploration of Redhawk Explorer.
  • Exploration of Power Maps.
  • Package and PAD Constraints.
  • Results Exploration and Debugging.
  • Debugging EM Violations.
  • Analyzing Hot spots.
  • Analysis Battery Currents and Demands Currents.

Day 6 & 7.

  • Dynamic Vectorless Analysis
  • Redhawk Dynamic Flow


  • Setting Up of GSR for Static Run.
  • Creation of Command run file.
  • Plotting Instance current
  • Min, Max, Avg DVD in Timing Window and min DVD in Whole Simulation Cycle.
  • Analysis of Switches and its equivalent reports
  • Wire IR Drops
  • Exploration of DVD Histograms.
  • Plotting Instance Voltage Waveform.
  • Plotting Switching Histograms.
  • Analyzing Switching events
  • Decap Density Maps
  • Dynamic Voltage Drop Movie.
  • Analysis Dynamic Reports
  • Design Weakness Checks
  • Pad Current Checks
  • Decap Efficiency Checks
  • Simultaneous Switching Checks
  • Frequency Domain based Demand Current Checks
  • Voltage Domain based Demand Current Checks
  • Cross Probing Violations in Redhawk GUI
  • Hotspot Analysis Summary
  • DVD Check – Instance Level Debug
  • Short Path Tracing of Instances
  • Power EM Checks

Day 8:

  • Multicycle Vectorless Analysis
  • Labs:
  • Correlation between Single Cycle and Multicycle analysis
  • Cycle based Switching
  • All labs on Dynamic Vectorless will be applicable to Multicycle



  • Running Redhawk Power IR/EM on Volcano or ORCA_TOP
  • Running Redhawk on Power IR/EM Ansys Design.
  • Assignments