MTech Embedded Systems Intership

Embedded Systems Internship Overview

 Duration: 10 months internship in Embedded Systems

  • Student will be issued training completion certificate and 1 year trainee certificate

Course Overview:

  • Course divided in to 2 aspects
    • Learning phase
    • Application phase
  • During ‘learning phase’; Student will undergo 4 months extensive training on C programming, Data structures, Operating Systems, C++, RTOS, Device Drivers, ARM, PIC Micro controllers, and standard peripheral interfaces. Student will be working on multiple industry standard projects based on ARM boards.
  • During ‘application phase’; Student will be working on industry standard project with trainer guidance. Same project can be used as MTech Project.

Project done as part Internship learning phase:

  1. Weather monitoring station (IoT Category)
  2. Smart home – complete home automation (IoT)
  3. Motion Surveillance using RPi (IoT)
  4. Flow control sensing using Raspberry Pi.
  5. Mobile phone operated lock using RPi

Projects as part of Internship application phase, student can choose one of projects

  1. Lock which opens based face recognition
  2. HDMI Picture frame with RPi for hotels and large rooms for displaying wall hanging pictures
  3. Smart phone using RPi – Why do we make customized smart phones ?
  4. Smart home – complete home automation (IoT)
  5. Smart garden or agriculture field (Irrigation based on weather and moisture content in soil – to reduce water consumption) and Data analysis
  6. Interfacing Raspberry pi with Twitter (IoT)
  7. Measuring the water consumption of every tap (using Infra-red controlled taps) this is a very basic need as water shortage is a big problem all over the world.
  8. Power control of home using Motion sensor (switch off and on lights in the whole house)
  9. Building an Oscilloscope with RPi
  10. Building a solar cell tracker so that solar panels are automatically adjusted to get maximum sun light
  11. Embedded Web Server using RPi for monitoring (home and industrial use) IoT use case
  12. GNU Radio on Raspberry Pi
  13. Simple ECG monitor using RPi  and Heart data accusation and upload to cloud for analysis (IoT category)
  14. A Robot which can climb vertical pipes (lamp post etc) coconut trees, and carry a surveillance wireless camera with it and provide picture/video from a height and comedown when needed